Sunday, 7 August 2011


To:       Senator the Honourable Kim Carr
            Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research
            4 Treasury Place East Melbourne
            Melbourne VIC 3004

Dear Kim,

The ABC has recently cancelled an important television program that supports grassroots Australian innovation.

The Inventors is the only opportunity for Australian inventors to put their ideas before a broad audience. I believe the ABC should continue to back these inventors and continue to promote new ideas on Australian television.

Each invention is a potential small business.

The Inventors is one of the few ‘good news’ shows on Australian television.

The Inventors brings the problems of rural Australia to the attention of urban audiences, and does so on an intimate human scale.

The Inventors is popular with everyone from 8 year olds to 108 year olds, and there are precious few television shows for the whole family.

The Inventors demonstrates the application of creative thinking, problem solving and the application of science and technology to the real world.

The Inventors demonstrates that with hard work and determination, ordinary people can fix a problem and see their success celebrated.

Please bring back The Inventors.

Yours –

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